Farmhouse Rocks


Cape Farmhouse provides a unique rocking outdoor concert venue in the deep South.

Our regular summer Saturday live music events have been hosting fantastic local bands for the past seven years and are a joll for the whole family.

We sell delicious food and offer a fully licensed bar.

Music usually starts around 2pm and ends at 8pm

Please note

We do not reserve tables for music events / first come first served

Chairs and tables are available under the awning or bring your own blanket and sit on the grass

No cooler boxes or outside food or liquor allowed

R70 Early Bird price - R80 Pre-sold - R100 At the Gate

R50 with Student Cards & R20 for under 12's

*Some concerts with certain acts appearing are subject to a ticket price increase please always the Farmhouse Rocks Facebook, posters or event info.

Tickets can be found on Quicket or Webtickets for certain concerts, please check event info on posters & online info.


25th February 2017

Trenton & Free Radical +

Black South Easter

Trenton & Free Radical delivers honest beats—although there are diverse influences, including hip-hop, electro, reggae and pop, the result is sufficiently distinctive and edgy to evoke a sense of being unique, avoiding tired genre labels. Theirs is a contemporary African sound with universal appeal, and the muscle to unite divergent tastes. It’s revolutionary music geared to ignite dance-floors while exploding our thinking. Trenton - Vocals/ songwriting (South Africa), Thabo MObo Bass (South Africa), Marco MSG - Guitar (Ibiza), Khaya - Drums (South Africa) Antonio - Keys / Production (South Africa).

Black South Easter formed in 2010, they are a four piece band from Cape Town who play original South African soul music with elements of rocking reggae, funk, blue j
azz and world dance. With infectious grooves and soaring melodies, the band’s live shows generate a powerful energy that transports their audience from the calm to the heart of the storm. The band released their first full length album ‘In Waves’ in 2012. Nhoza Sitsholwana- Vocals, Jimi Curve-Bass, Gerry Mbowa- Drums , Dan Boshoff-Guitars.

Tickets pre-sold R80 - 

At the gate: R100 students = R50 + Kids 3-12yrs = R20

4th March 2017

Taxi Violence & Crimson House

Taxi Violence: Out with their 3rd album, 'Shape & Form' they never fail to impress the rock scene. Taxi Violence have traveled a long and independent road to proving themselves as one of the best live acts in South Africa. Their sound can be described as blues-infused retro rock, with a pinch of sleaze and bourbon.Taxi Violence have headlined every major festival in South Africa, and have taken their unique brand of rock and quality live shows abroad.

Crimson House:
Crimson House is a high energy show band that delivers a potent set designed to make anyone jump dance and sing uncontrollably. Their style is a mix of Gypsy, Swing, Rock n Roll with Blues undertones. Fronted by Riaan Smit who leads the band and audience on a musical journey that leaves everyone smiling and bouncing with careless abandon.

Pre-sale = R80 at Quicket:

R100 at the gate, R50 with student card, R20 kids (3-12years old)

11th March 2017

Guy Buttery + Derek Gripper + Robin Auld +

Wendy Oldfield + Shane Cooper

What an amazing afternoon line up of guitar genius!
Guy Buttery:
Guy's debut album, When I Grow Up..., was nominated for Best Instrumental Album of the Year and Best Newcomer for 2002 at the South African Music Awards as well as being the youngest nominee in the history of the event. In 2003, the South African Rock Digest nominated When I Grow Up... as one of the top albums of the year. Guy's 2nd release, Songs from the Cane Fields, was also nominated for Best Instrumental Album in 2006 at the South African Music Awards.

Derek Gripper:
South African guitarist Derek Gripper released his ninth album, One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali, late in 2012. Recorded at an all-night session the album magically conjures anew a centuries-old ancient African musical heritage, interpreting kora compositions (21 string harp) on solo guitar, a feat which classical guitar legend John Williams said he thought was “absolutely impossible until I heard Derek Gripper do it.” When Kora maestro Toumani Diabate heard these recordings he asked his producer Lucy Duran to confirm that she had actually seen one person play this music on just one guitar. He is not to be missed!

Shane Cooper: is a bassist, composer and producer based in Cape Town, South Africa.  His debut acoustic album Oscillations is out now on iTunes.  In 2013 he was selected as the Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz in South Africa. In 2014 Oscillations won the South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Jazz Album. The projects he is currently involved in are the Kyle Shepherd Trio, the Reza Khota Quartet, Skyjack, and Card On Spokes.

Robin Auld playing with Wendy Oldfield. Robin Auld:
Slide guitar, harmonica, African folk, blues, calypso and soul vocals all feature in the fresh sound of Zambian- born Robin Auld. He has released over 20 albums with several radio hits in South Africa, including a number one. He has performed and recorded in London, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Hamburg and a whole bunch of places inbetween. Having worked with both majors and independents, he now releases albums through his own label, Free Lunch which has recently struck a partnership with Next/Orchard music for the new album.

Wendy Oldfield: 
Wendy joined world music group Mondetta with Steve Newman, Julia Kim, Gito Baloi and Elad Neeman. They released their debut album Small World, and performed to packed houses at venues around South Africa, including the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre and Womad 2001. Wendy completed and released her fifth solo album ‘Holy Water’ toward the end of 2002. As usual, she outdid herself by writing, performing and producing an uplifting, lyrically inspiring and very beautiful album. She was nominated for a South African Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary.

Pre-sale = R80 at Quicket:

R100 at the gate, R50 with student card, R20 kids (3-12years old)

25th March 2017

The Shabeen + The West Coast Wolves +

Brett Newski

The Shabeen: is a folk punk trio hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. It consists of Jon Shaban on guitar and vocals, Ryan McArthur on upright bass and Thomas Glendinning on drums. The band was formed in 2012 when Shaban made the decision to start doing full band shows for more diversity. Since then, the band has started writing together and have found a more refined and consistent sound.

The West Coast Wolves: 
an Irish hippie folk band with catchy melodies and rousing instruments like djembe, but the Wolves are defined by their multi-genre approach to songwriting, which incorporates elements of reggae, electronica, ska, surf punk, celtic and hip hop.

Brett Newski:
in the style of Nomad / Songman / Hi-Fi D.I.Y, Brett Newski has been living on four continents in five years, he has existed on the fringe of society and avoided the “American Dream” at all costs. His story is no fairy tale. He didn’t get signed to a big label early in his career. He was not endorsed by cool guitar companies or big-time management. At age 25, he took matters into his own hands by quitting all of his part-time jobs and becoming a full-time nomad, posting up in the nooks and crannies of earth and sub-letting rooms in Vietnam, South Africa, Germany and Wisconsin to write songs and recharge between tours.

Pre-sale = R80 at Quicket:

R100 at the gate, R50 with student card, R20 kids (3-12years old)

8th April 2017

Los Tacos + Manouche + Gassy Spark

Los Tacos : The Latina style has arrived in Cape Town with Los Tacos, with music that forces you to dance. With a mix of Latina and Cape Townian blood, the music of the Latin American party is in Cape Town.

Manouche :
Manouche is made up of 4 incredibly talented musicians from all over Cape Town. Their 21st century take on traditional Gypsy Jazz blends together sounds and influences from genres like Tango, Waltz, Folk, R&B, Hip Hop and Electro Swing bringing audiences of all ages an original, fresh and unique sound.

Grassy Spark :
Grassy Spark is a collection of musicians with a passion for groove. They blend ska with rock, funk, reggae, latin and more all coming together to form a unique sound that is fueled by the love they have for music and the diversity of tastes and culture that cooks in the Mother City.

Pre-sale = R80 at Quicket:

R100 at the gate, R50 with student card, R20 kids (3-12years old)

15th April 2017

The Rudimentals + Friends +

DJ Dubmasta China + 1MC


22nd April 2017

Kongo Elektro + Mazula + Mapumba +

DJ Eppel Sauce + DJ Toby2Shoes

Kongo Elektro : Kongo Elektro is uplifting, high energy, electronic soukous-infused programming and live looping. Sampling from Fela to Phoenix and beyond! Kongo Elektro is Daniel Eppel (USA/RSA) and Mapumba Cilombo (DRC/RSA). They have performed at Rocking the Daisies, Nu World Eve, Spirit Fest, Earthdance, Flamjangled Tea Party, Obz Fest and countless clubs throughout SA.

Mazula :
is the original music writings of Vusa & Zoe Mazula. They were the hearts and minds behind Zula Sound Barin Cape Town for 9 years and after awakening the live music scene with their love of local acts they are now set to make big waves with the release of their own music this year (2017). Originally from London but in their 12 years here they have elevated live music in Cape Town exponentially and they continue their musical journey back writing and performing their own talents alongside running The Farmhouse Rocks summer concerts at The Cape Farmhouse. Their music can be described as Hip, Funky, blues, African folk, hop! It invokes flavours of the past while remaining extremely relevant in the modern era. The music sings of love, joy, pain, passion and the wonders and follies that surround us daily.

Mapumba : Mapumba Cilombo, simply called Mapumba is a singer, songwriter and guitarist whose music plays with the old and sings with the present. He is an undiscovered artist to some, and a musical adept to others. Now based in South Africa, Mapumba was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For over sixteen years he has grown in bringing together melodies, stories and languages to create his rich and memorable sound.

DJ Eppelsauce :
Daniel Eppel (AKA Eppelsauce) was born in Joburg, South Africa, grew up in Memphis, TN, schooled at Berklee College of Music and is now based in Cape Town, South Africa, where he works as a composer/music producer and DJ. Eppelsauce's DJ sets are always high energy, full of soul and will make your booty shake! His distinctive Global Bass sets, blend World Music, Latino music, Electronic sounds, Moombahton, Cumbia, Zouk, Rumba, Kwassa Kwassa, Maskandi, Kwella, Afro Beat, High-Life and more.

DJ Toby2Shoes :
Never fails to get everyone up and dancing to his electro swing set. He is well known all over South Africa but most loved here in his home town of Cape Town and most of all on this farm. Top Dj, Top bloke and a music lover of note that will take you round the world and back again with his tunes!

Pre-sale = R80 at Quicket:

R100 at the gate, R50 with student card, R20 kids (3-12years old)

That is the end of our 2016 -2017 summer concert season, see you in November 2017 for the next lot of top SA music concert here on the farm! Huge thanks to all that supported as you make it what it is, AMAZING!


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